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Artwork Requirements

We take a great deal of care in printing, engraving, embossing or embroidering your logo or message onto our Promotional Products. To make sure your products look fantastic we need to have the correct form of electronic art.

The preferred file type for most promotional products branding is an .eps file. These files give you the best resolution and allow us to resize without any loss of quality, detail or accuracy, ensuring the best possible reproduction of your logo.


Vectorised Artwork
(.eps, .ai or correl draw files)

These are ideal files for the correct printing and reproduction of your logo on promotional products. If you don’t have your artwork in this format, we can organise to have the logo redrawn for you for a small charge. We will give you  a copy of the file you’ve paid for which can be used for any future branding requirements.


JPEG(.jpg) Files

jpg files are okay for embroidery or promotional products such as hats or promotional caps, but they cant be used for printing and engraving of metallic promotional products.


PDF Files

A .pdf file is okay for embroidery but we have to reillustrate a .pdf logo into an .eps format if printing or engraving is required.



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